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West London Islamic Centre Land Redevelopment Appeal
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Current Position
Having served the local community for the last 20 years, the West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid has played a central role in providing religious, social, recreational and educational facilities for the local Muslim populace.

The Masjid has a reputable standing and prominence for the welcoming, considerate and organised culture evident amongst the attendees and workers. Its diverse congregation hail from across the Muslim world, with brothers and sisters from Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Currently the Masjid is capable of accommodating 1000 brothers and sisters for Jumah prayer. The car park accommodates a further 200, with the congregation having outgrown the existing facilities.

In addition to the obligatory prayers the Centre also provides a wide range of services and activities. The Centres ability to continue to offer these much needed services is becoming constrained.

The building is now quite dated, expensive to heat and maintain and requires major refurbishment works and extensions in order to accommodate the ever growing Muslim community.